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Are your roofs nearing the end of their lifespan? Whatever the reason may be, it is always a good idea to get a professional roofing service to help you out with whatever issues you may have with your roof in Avondale, AZ. Whether it is because of the lack of maintenance, the need for a replacement, or even just better insulation, you can always count on us to give it to you. If you want to know in detail what our services include, read on below.

Our Services

Professional Roofing

Professional Roofing Service
Our roofing services include a wide range of tasks we can do for you and your roof. From roof replacement and repairs, you can trust in our expert services.

Flat, Shingles, and
Tile Roofing

Flat, Shingles, and Tile Roofing
A common yet hard to install roof is one of our specialties. A flat roof and a roof made of tiles require laborious work that you may not enjoy doing, especially under the heat of the sun or other seasonal elements. Leave it to us as we can do it quickly, even a flat roof replacement. We can also install the common material called shingles for your roof if you wish to have a more classy looking roof that does not require much time to install, especially with a professional like us.

Roof Foam and Coating
Installation and Cooling Systems

Roof Foam and Coating Installation and Cooling Systems
If your roof has been making your home a little hotter because of improper ventilation, we can fix that for you quickly. We offer various types of roofing cooling systems like roof foam and coating installation.

Reliable Roofing Service in Avondale, AZ!


Why leave it to professionals 

When it comes to your roof, it is not exactly a walk in the park to deal with it. Whatever the issue may be, it could still put you at risk if you deal with it on your own without the proper tools and equipment. Not to mention the safety gear and safety guidelines that need to be followed. Leaving it to Duran's Roofing AZ will definitely lessen the stress and hassle you will face when dealing with your roof. Leaving it to a professional is recommended not only for your own safety but also to avoid unwanted damage to your property, which can lead to very costly repairs or replacements.


For Professional Flat Roof Replacement in Avondale, AZ, contact Duran's Roofing AZ!


We offer more than just quality

Duran's Roofing AZ has been in this industry for years. We are trained and licensed to ensure safe and proper commercial and residential roofing services. Our team is well-versed or trained in the craft of roofing and can significantly decrease the chances of the risks involved when doing roofing works. We also have the needed tools and equipment to offer you an efficient option for all your roofing needs. This not only saves you from spending money on the equipment but it will also save you a lot of time.


Call (623) 250-5879 for Dependable Roof Foam and Coating Installation in Avondale, AZ!


Experience top-notch roofing services in Avondale, AZ today by giving us a call and availing of our roofing services. Your roof is an important part of your home as it protects your whole house from the effects of the harsh elements that are present every single day. Make sure you take care of it.

If you looking for affordable commercial and residential roofing in Avondale, AZ, call (623) 250-5879!

Client’s Testimonial

by Ronda L. on Duran's Roofing AZ
Excellent Service!

After we had a big storm, I discovered that my roof had sprung a leak, so I hired this roofing service to come and give me a quote. Once I compared it to the other quotes I received, I accepted their offer. They wasted no time in repairing my roof so I could meet the next storm with a sigh of relief.

Valentin Polanco
Valentin Polanco
I had them install a new roof they did a great job. Quality work at a fair price. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a PROFESSIONAL roofing company.
Kayte Bullard
Kayte Bullard
Fantastic price and service. We couldn't be happier with our new roof.
Carter Williams
Carter Williams
Duran's Roofing repaired our roof this week and we couldn't be more pleased.From the professional estimate to leaving our property spotless when they left, it was very positive experience. Contrary to the perception that contractors are "often behind schedule", Johnny's crew actually finished our roof one day early !!! We enjoyed the limited interaction that we had with his courteous crew and were disappointed when we missed saying goodbye !! We would definitely recommend Duran's and can be contacted for referrals. Carter Williams
Jame Andy
Jame Andy
The team was very efficient and worked quickly. Only 2.5 days to replace underlayment for our clay tiled roof. Cleaned up mess every day. Great price also!
Justin Rice
Justin Rice
Duran's Roofing fixed a huge water damage hole in my roof. They gave me a quote the same day and were out the next day to do the repair first thing in the morning. They got it done fast, took lots of photos and did a great job. I will definitely be using them again.
Katherine Lauren
Katherine Lauren
A wonderful young man left us a really attractive offer for painting our property. These indicators will appear in the spring.
رضا ماهر
رضا ماهر
I was searching for a reliable roofing company to handle both the commercial and residential aspects. Fortunately, one of my closest friends had recently gotten their own rooftop done - which happened to be one of the finest in town! So I followed his suggestion and went with this particular firm - and boy am I glad that I did; these guys provided an absolutely first-rate service. Thank you so much!
Elina Jhon
Elina Jhon
A great young man, who left us a very competitive offer for a house painting. In the spring we will see these signs😊

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